Staff profile: Georgina Bailey

Position:  Associate Solicitor in the Commercial Property Department 

Time at Gullands: 

I joined Gullands in February 2021.

Main responsibilities and duties:  

Dealing with a wide range of commercial property transactions ranging from land acquisitions, leases of high street premises to larger development transactions.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the legal sector: 

Law has always been a subject of interest. Before deciding to enrol onto my undergraduate degree, I would often research and read up on the current news and changes in law.  Studying law gave me the opportunity to feed that interest, it was soon clear that Land Law was my strongest subject, but also the one I found most interesting.

What is the best part of the job:   

The role allows me to build trusting relationships with longevity.  I can somewhat become invested in the client’s goals and finding ways to effectively achieve those goals together, obtaining the client’s trust and proving their trust in me is well placed, is truly rewarding.

If you were not in this job, what would you be doing:     

I would most likely be in a public service role such as a doctor or a teacher.  I have always enjoyed interacting and talking with people from all walks of life!  It is important to me that I am in a role that is both challenging and engaging.

What changes would you like to see happen in the law in the next 10-20 years:   

I would like to see mechanisms in place that will streamline the process, making a transaction less stressful and more cost and time effective for our clients.

What do you like doing in your spare time:   

Living away from my family and friends means I like to spend most of my free time visiting them.  Otherwise, I always make sure to get in some long walks and swims in the week, followed by a home cooked meal!  My father was a chef and so I enjoy trying new recipes.