Wills and Probate Solicitors in Maidstone and Gravesend

Death is a sobering thought; it’s not something we like to think or talk about much. At Gullands, our services ensure you make proper provisions for this eventuality – including will writing and probate services. 

Why do you need a will?

If you own any assets, no matter how few, making a will is essential. It’s how you ensure your estate is divided and your family are provided for as you wish. Think of a will as the legal tool which allows you to pass on the things you want to your loved ones. 

Without one, standard rules set by the government will come into play. They’ll decide what should happen to your children and how your assets are distributed – it could be very different to your wishes. Make sure you’re heard with a will, and secure your family’s future.

What services do Gullands offer?

  • Drafting and updating wills. Creating a will can be done simply and cost-effectively. But did you know it’s also important to update your will? Key events in your life need reflecting in a will, including having children, major relationship changes, starting a business or buying a house.

Gullands can provide a skilfully drafted document that caters for your individual needs and are pleased to provide you with an estimate of our costs for preparing or updating your will.

  • Estate administration. We have a wide range of experience in the administration of estates of people who have died, both simple and more complicated cases. This includes the expertise to advise on any measures that can be taken to reduce or eliminate potential tax liabilities.

    Aware that this can be a difficult and emotional time, we’ll always seek to ensure matters are dealt with quickly and in a sensitive manner.
  • Tax and trusts. With a thorough knowledge of the complexities of the personal tax rules, coupled with an imaginative approach, we’ll ensure you pay no more tax than is necessary. 

A trust can be used to preserve assets for your family, but can seem a complicated prospect. We can advise on the different types of trust and recommend the most suitable one to meet your personal requirements. Where possible within the terms of the original trust provisions, we can also arrange for an existing trust to be restructured, with a view to reducing potential tax liabilities or more closely meeting the family’s requirements.

The day-to-day management and administration of a trust fund is something Gullands are able to assist with, as well as advising on charitable trusts and acting as individual trustees.

  • Powers of Attorney. If you wish to give another person authority to manage your affairs, we will undertake the preparation and completion of a Power of Attorney. You might want to do this as a precaution for the future, or for other reasons such as an immediate absence abroad. We will advise on individual financial matters and can, if required, take over the entire administration of your financial affairs.

With all services, we’ll always act in your best interests and offer the advice you need to make informed decisions.

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