Work Experience – The View from the Other Side

Here at Gullands, we are committed to providing work experience to children from local schools.  Recently some of those children have been responsible for drafting our tweets on Gullands_HR_Law and we would like to share with you this article written by one of them, to give you some insight as to how they feel about work placements.

“There are many fears and pressures that you face as a teenager and one of them is becoming independent and getting a job.  This can be scary, even if it is just a part time Saturday job.  This is because it feels like you are finally becoming part of the “adult world”.

However this fear is only a minor thing.  Adults still need to constantly be encouraged and reminded into finding work placements.  This is important because work at a younger age equips people with skills and familiarises and educates them on experiences that they will face later on in life.  It normally takes a while for a young person to be comfortable in a workplace but this exposure helps to prepare them for as many opportunities as possible.”

We would highly recommend taking on work experience.  The workforce of the future is a good investment and you might just learn something along the way yourself. 

Thank you to Grace from Maidstone Grammar School for Girls