New Under Sheriff of Kent

Gullands’ Associate Catherine Lloyd will become the Under Sheriff of Kent, taking over from Robert Coombe who will be retiring from the role in 2020. Robert has been the Under Sheriff for the last eight years and it is typically a role carried out by a solicitor.

The Under Sheriff is there to offer support and guidance to the High Sheriff of Kent (who is the Monarch’s representative for law and order and the emergency services in the County).

The High Sheriff is the oldest secular office in the UK after the Crown and dates back to Saxon times. The Under Sheriff assists with the organisation and delivery of key events, including the High Sheriff’s Declaration Ceremony, Garden Party and Justice Service for Kent. The High Sheriff is also responsible for the entertainment and welfare of High Court Judges when on circuit in the County, which includes providing Court lunches and other hospitality.

Catherine’s uncle is currently the High Sheriff of East Sussex and her father is also a retired judge who sat at Maidstone Crown Court and the Court of Appeal and has met many High Sheriffs during his own career.

Nowadays, the High Sheriff’s role is a ceremonial one but no less important for that as it supports and unites a wide range of people within the communities they serve. The High Sheriff would also support the Lord Lieutenant when members of Royalty visit the County.

Catherine Lloyd comments: “I think it will be a fascinating role which will enable me to meet lots of interesting people and serve the community in which I live and work.”