relationship mediation

Mediation – does it work when a relationship breaks down?

Emotions run high when a relationship ends, and mediation can help to discuss some of the practical issues such as finances and arrangements for children and pets. Mediation provides the forum and the process, but it must be a voluntary process.

If you or your ex-partner are unsure about the process, then it can be helpful to chat to a trained mediator first to find out more about it and how it will work for you.

Mediation is not marriage guidance. Mediators are trained and impartial and are there to help encourage more effective communication to resolve issues. They do not give legal advice, but they will help you both to explore the potential, different options available to you and to facilitate agreement which you are both happy with.

Mediation focuses on what is right for you and your family and it is typically cheaper and faster than asking the court to intervene and decide on your behalf if an agreement cannot be reached. It also means you both retain control of the process, and it is confidential.

In the longer term many separating couples report that they have a better relationship in the future where they have used mediation to reach agreement and as they remain in contact to co-parent together.

To discuss separation, divorce, or mediation, get in touch with our family team for help and support. Sunita Chauhan is head of the family team