Enter the Gravesham Business Awards

If you are a business based in the Gravesham Borough which has been trading for 12 months (before 1 July 2023) then you can enter for free the Gravesham Business Awards 2024. The closing date for entries is 31st July 2024 and the entry form can be found at www.graveshambusinessawards.co.uk 

The 2024 Gravesham Business Awards offers an inclusive platform for businesses to highlight their resilience and contributions to the community. With diverse categories ranging from hospitality and retail to sustainability and innovation, there’s a chance for every business to shine.

The Hospitality Award recognizes the challenges faced by pubs, bars, and restaurants, while the High Street Business Award celebrates the role of local shops in the community. Other categories, such as Business Decarbonisation, Digital Marketing, and Youth Owned, showcase achievements in sustainability, technology, and entrepreneurship. 

The awards also highlight diversity and inclusion with categories like Not for Profit, Health and Wellbeing, and Manufacturing, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

By participating, businesses not only gain recognition and prestige but also contribute to the resilience and prosperity of the local economy. It’s an opportunity to showcase achievements, build networks, and inspire others to strive for excellence in Gravesham’s business landscape.

Julie Hobson comments: “We are once again delighted to sponsor the awards and we look forward to judging the entries. There are some fantastic businesses of all sizes here in Gravesham and this is their opportunity to shine.”