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Following the government’s announcement regarding the easing of Covid-19 restrictions Gullands have decided to continue with the precautions already in place. Therefore social distancing, temperature screening and hand sanitising measures will remain in place for the time being and we would respectfully ask all visitors to continue to wear a face covering unless exempt. Some of our employees will continue to work from home but face to face meetings can be arranged. As always if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 we would ask you not to come in and to follow government isolation guidelines. Attendance at our Gravesend office can take place by prior appointment only.  All our staff remain fully contactable by email and telephone.  We are grateful for your patience during these difficult times and remain committed to the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff alike.

  • Thursday 22nd January 2015

    Social media policy

    Social networking sites can be a minefield for employers. There have been countless examples in the press of employees facing disciplinary action for use of social networking sites such as Facebook. Whilst it is often important for staff to be well connected for marketing purposes, it ...

  • Thursday 22nd January 2015

    Hiring an employee: Part two

    This second part of a two part business briefing continues to highlight the key legal issues a business needs to consider when recruiting a new employee. Part one featured in the October issue of Employment Brief and covered advertising the job, the application and pre-employment health ...

  • Thursday 22nd January 2015

    Q&As on holidays

    1. How much holiday are employees entitled to? Full time workers who work a five day week are entitled to 5.6 weeks’ or 28 days’ paid holiday leave each year. 2. What about part time workers? The full time rate of 28 days is ...

  • Thursday 22nd January 2015

    Employment myths 2

    I have received a letter from an employee, but it is not labelled ‘grievance’, so I do not need to treat it as such. A grievance can be any concern, problem or complaint that an employee raises. A failure to treat any letter in these terms as a grievance could result in the employee ...

  • Thursday 18th December 2014

    Where there's a Will there's a way to help charity

    Legacies, the gifts people leave to charity in their Wills, are a vital source of funding for many charities in the UK. Legacies can be left as a fixed sum of money, a percentage of the value of the estate or as an individual possession (such as land, property, paintings or shares), and there ...

  • Thursday 18th December 2014

    “Squatters’ rights” versus “legal owner’s rights”

    Adverse possession (more commonly known as “squatters’ rights”) is the way in which rights of ownership over land can be obtained without the legal owner’s agreement. Sounds unfair? It depends… If you are a legal owner, you obviously would not wish to ...

  • Wednesday 14th May 2014

    The history of Maidstones stag

    The statue once described as “a dramatic, rampant stag, rearing up on its hind legs, full of masculine raw energy” is well-known by all Maidstone residents and locals, but less well known is where it came from. The Stag was sculptor Edward Bainbridge Copnall’s largest piece of ...

  • Friday 4th June 2021

    General Risk Assessment


  • Friday 4th June 2021

    Covid 19 Risk Assessment

    This assessment was completed to assist Gullands Solicitors in considering the measures that should be taken to facilitate a safe return to work of its staff following the UK lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic in their Maidstone office. ...

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